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Welded tubes

Welded tubes

Welded tubes, also known as welded pipes, are manufactured from easily weldable carbon steel. It is nominal in nominal size, and its common nominal size is DN15~100, and its maximum nominal diameter is DN150 (6). Welded pipes are also known as water and gas pipes because they are commonly used for the transmission of hot and cold water and gas. Galvanized welded pipes are customarily referred to as white iron pipes at construction sites, while non-galvanized welded pipes are called black iron pipes. The billets used for welded pipes are steel plates or strips.

Oil transportation
Mechanical manufacturing
Urban construction
Bridge construction
The company is a first-tier supplier of Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, and China National Chemical Corporation. The company has obtained special equipment manufacturing license (pressure pipeline components) certificate number: TS2710P02, level A1, A2 (1), B (1) (2) . The maximum production size of the certificate is 711mm. The certificate contains GB13296 stainless steel pipes for boilers and heat exchangers, GB/T14976 stainless steel pipes for fluid transportation...


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